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List of Tourist Attractions in Seminyak Bali

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15.02.2017 13:44:27
Seminyak Bali is a very popular tourist spot on the Island's existence, it is evident from the many visitors who travel in droves to visit the place. In addition, it also offers a lot of amenities that can be enjoyed by tourists both foreign and domestic. Bali Seminyak region is a region that can attract many tourists to stop by just to enjoy the facilities on offer, it is very unfortunate if it had reached the island of the gods, but do not stop there. So what are some that can be visited in Bali's Seminyak? Here is the explanation.

A list of the sights of Bali's Seminyak region is not as much as in other places, but there are things that are not owned by other tourist attractions. Tourist attractions that can be visited in the Seminyak area are:

● Plain ArtSpace.
Ordinary ArtSpace is a tourist place in the Seminyak area of ​​Bali, this place is a gallery that also has a very interesting art, it becomes absolutely worth a visit, especially for artists who want to create.
● 3D Trick Art Gallery.
This place is a tourist spot in seminyak bali latest, Trick Art 3D Gallery this form of museum that displays 3D painting tricks, of course, will be able to take you to a world that is very menapjupkan.
● Echo Beach (Echo Beach).
This eco Turkish presence is very unique because it is above the shells, but on the beaches are white sand gently sloping ..
● Seminyak Beach.
Seminyak beach is very popular in the Seminyak area, the beaches are very beautiful, has a white sand and ramps.

By visiting Seminyak Bali, tourists can easily detach the fatigue that had been annoying, but it also can be fresh again with pampered with a variety of interesting activities there such as shopping, vacationing, and certainly you can pamper yourself by performing an upscale spa in seminyak bali. That was a glimpse of the tourist attractions that you can visit in Seminyak. May be useful.

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