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Land : Denmark
Stadt : Copenhagen
Geschlecht :
Alter : 40
Sprachen : Danish  English 
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Nachricht erstellt : 22.07.2006
Friends... fellow bored people... Morrissey... you should all write me.
I feel so very bored. With life. (Most) music. And everything else. Is there anything else than that? Tell me... I have forgot.

Oh yes.. of course you want to know a bit about me. Yes..yes that's only what I expected smile

Those of you with just a hint of intelligence (even in this unbearable heat) should've noticed that I do have an interest in music.
Too many artists to mention... and yet too few really worth mention smile
I already wrote Morrissey. Absolutely the most important singer/songwriter to me.
I listen to so much different kinds of music.
I hate labels.. but if I must use one, I guess most of the music I like the most would be placed under "indie".

Rap... hiphop... nah rarely. But I must admit to sometimes letting my poor ears suffer to that also.

I am a writer. Poems. Songs.

And I read. Poetry... lyrics. And what I find interesting, regardles of the label (ugh..that ugly word again).

Animals are important to me (I have cats myself). And I absolutely CANNOT STAND! animal cruelty. Too many people with defect brains!!!

Check out more (and my FULL text in a blog called... full text :p) here:

- Maria -
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