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Letzter Login : 26.07.2006
Registriert seit : 26.07.2006
Land : United States ( Massachusetts )
Stadt : none
Geschlecht :
Alter : 30
Sprachen : English 
E-Mail-Freunde finden : Ja
Sprachen lehren/lernen : Nein
Gastfamilie suchen : Nein
Gastfamilie werden : Nein
Nachricht erstellt : 26.07.2006
I am a wild-minded and creative person, full of ideas and pushing up little weeds of friendship wherever they will grow. I play guitar just well enough to have fun, express myself through singing, and hate the trouble caused by the gender gap. I write songs all the time, and appreciate weirdness and anything which gives a break from the daily grind. I write fiction and poetry and something inbetween, a kind of connection between my subconscious and my hand that bypasses most parts of my brain. I love rock and roll, and am a baby boomer at heart. Most of the bands I like had their heyday in the sixties and seventies. I am a little crazy in the best way, like animals more than people but love studying the phenomenon of humankind, and am drastically anti-George Bush. I am a living paradox. I believe in nature, not your God. I don't consider myself religious, although I am closer to Wiccan than any other religion, I suppose. You can call me a hippie, a punk, a bohemian, a poet, a rock star, a radical, a dadaist, or just a loony. Labels mean nothing to me. I love reaching across boundaries and making friends who come from very different places, geographically and mentally. The only requirement is that you have an open mind and are unafraid to express your thoughts and feelings. Be interesting - we all are at heart!
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