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Land : United States ( Texas )
Stadt : Dallas
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Alter : 35
Sprachen : English 
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Nachricht erstellt : 01.05.2006
and the diamonds are mined using kitten-powered lasers, and the kittens are collected by child sweatshop laborers under terrible conditions, and the diamonds themselves are then ultimately ground up into fast food, in an attempt to render the poor toothless...but still, I''ll say "No! I can''t go back! I''ve renounced all that! I''m a man of peace now!" and then they''ll tell me that my nemesis has kidnapped my family, and is holding them hostage at his headquarters, poised over the kitten-smelting vats. Then the camera will zoom in, and I''ll say "This time, it''s PERSONAL!" and shatter the phone in my fist!! Except, you know, substitute vicarious thrills for martial arts.

Abrupt segue.

I think WAY too much. So what I''m interested in are ideas. Ideas about neurology, electric-eel guns, consciousness, zen koans, universal grammars, why the duck-billed platypus, free will, psychology, how trees get sap all the way up there against gravity with no pumping mechanism, etiology, the morals of being vegetarian (morally, we should all be carnivores of carnivores!), sumerian, metaphysics, anthropology, the human body is 60% water and Jesus is well known for his ability to turn water into wine, quantum mechanics, Wittgenstein''s Ladder, history, you name it! I do ideas like fish do water. So if YOU like ideas too, we''ve got to do something about this!
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