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Letzter Login : 04.11.2016
Registriert seit : 21.12.2005
Land : Germany ( Saxony )
Stadt : Leipzig
Geschlecht :
Alter : 41
Sprachen : English  German  Japanese 
Skype : johgep
E-Mail-Freunde finden : Ja
Sprachen lehren/lernen : Ja
Gastfamilie suchen : Nein
Gastfamilie werden : Nein
Nachricht erstellt : 06.09.2014
Hallo / Hi / Konnichi wa / こんにちは ,

I'm a 37 years old Boy from Leipzig in Saxony / Germany.

I love the Asian Culture and especial the Food. happy.
I'm interested in Martial-Arts , I practice Karate since many Years .

The Music I like is a little bit harder. ( Metal and Hard-Rock ) but I also like Classic Music.)

If you have maybe similar interests, I would be pleased about post from you.

Liebe Grüße / Best Greetings / Mata ne / またね

Nur registrierte Benutzer können E-Mails versenden.

Java, Programming, Struts2, jQuery, AngularJS and more

Struts2 jQuery Plugin Version 4.0.1 with support for Struts 2.5 and for jQuery Datatables is released
The version 4.0.1 of the Struts2 jQuery Plugin is now finally available in the maven repository. This is the first released version which is compatible with latest Struts 2.5.x version. This version contains some breaking changes, so please update carefully!...
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ApacheCon: Core Europe 2015 talk about java web applications with Apache Struts2 and AngularJS
Last week I attended as a speaker at the ApacheCon: Core Europe 2015 conference in Budapest. I enjoyed a nice and interesting conference and my first time in Budapest. During this conference I gave a talk about Struts2 in combination...
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Creating java web applications with AngularJS and Struts2
This post likes to show you how simple it is to create a new web application based on the client side JavaScript framework AngularJS and the server side Java framework Struts2. Why this Struts2 - AngularJS framework combination Struts2 is...
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Struts2 Bootstrap and jQuery plugin are now migrated to github
Google does not invest resources to Google Code anymore. There is no progress over years and first feature, the Download section, was turned off. So I decided to migrate Struts2 jQuery Plugin and Struts2 Bootstrap plugin to new locations on...
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New version of Struts2 Bootstrap Plugin with support for Bootstrap3 released.
New version 2.0.0 of Struts2 Bootstrap Plugin with support for latest Bootstrap3 released. Migration Switching from Bootstrap2 to new Bootstrap3 is not that easy, because most of the class names was renamed and responsive layout is now the default. You...
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Struts2 jQuery Plugin 3.6.0 and Struts2 Bootstrap Plugin 1.6.1 available
Struts2 jQuery Plugin This release is mostly a maintenance release, this means it includes a new jQuery, jQuery UI and related Plugins Software Stack but also some Bug Fixes. For a complete list of changes since last version, please visit...
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jQuery UI Menu support with now released Struts2 jQuery Plugin 3.5.0
With jQuery UI 1.9 this popular JavaScript Library provides a Menu Widget, which is now also available in the Struts2 jQuery Plugin. jQuery UI 1.9 includes some API redesigns which also touches the Struts2 jQuery Plugin. So please respect the...
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Struts2 jQuery Plugin 3.4.0 with improved Chart Tag released
The new Version 3.4.0 of Struts2 jQuery Plugin with some Bugfixes and an improved Chart Tag is released. Chart Tag In this release there is gone some attention to the Chart Tag. So it is now possible to create Curved...
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Struts2 jQuery Plugin new version 3.3.2 provides now support for Trees with Checkboxes
The new Version 3.3.2 of Struts2 jQuery Plugin is now available. Tree with Checkboxes This release is not only a bugfix release it brings also some usefully new features to you. One of the new Features is the support for...
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Struts2 jQuery Plugin now based on jQuery 1.7 and with support for frozen Columns
I am happy to announce that the Version 3.3.0 of Struts2 jQuery Plugin is now available. The main change is the switch from jQuery 1.6.4 to the latest version 1.7.1 of the jQuery 1.7.x releases. This Version includes a lot...
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